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Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Braces for Kids and Teens

When the dentist determines that your child or teen needs braces or orthodontics, the next step is to decide on which kind.

There are certainly benefits to any type of braces, but there are a few factors that should be carefully considered before you make your choice.

Tips for choosing kid’s braces

  • Consider your child or teen’s responsibility level. Since Invisalign braces can be taken out, patients who use Invisalign need the self-discipline to wear them at least 22 hours per day. Forgetting to wear the aligners will render the treatment ineffective, so the responsibility factor should definitely be taken into consideration.
  • Discuss the care involved with each treatment option. For instance, Invisalign aligners are removed before eating, brushing, and flossing, so patients don’t need to avoid certain foods or learn a new way to floss. Metal braces, on the other hand, require patients to steer clear of certain foods and often make it more difficult to keep up good oral hygiene.
  • Consider your teen’s preference. Invisalign may be the best choice because they are nearly invisible; many teens and young adults prefer this option because it is discreet and doesn’t affect their appearance, especially during prom, graduation, and other big events.
  • Think about your child or teen’s activity level. For athletes, a removable aligner may be a smarter choice than metal braces since you can take out the aligners before games and avoid breaking expensive orthodontic appliances.
  • For many families, cost is a factor that must be considered. Traditional braces will usually be less expensive than the Invisalign system, so for families on a budget, they may be the best option.

Of course, the best way to choose the right kind of braces for kids or teens is to sit down with your pediatric dentist and discuss your options.

One of our pediatric dentists can provide insight into both treatment options and make a trustworthy recommendation.