Painful Tooth Eruption: What to do If Your Child’s New Tooth Hurts

Baby teeth are also called primary teeth or deciduous teeth. The process when a child’s baby tooth goes through the gums and becomes visible above the gum line is called tooth eruption.

This process occurs when the child is just a little baby, and it continues through childhood and the teenage years. Each one of us will have two sets of teeth in life: baby teeth and permanent teeth.

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A Few of the Best Sugar Substitutes for Your Child’s Teeth

Kids seriously love sugar. From cereals to candies, sugary beverages, and more — kids are bombarded with sweetness. And it’s easy for them to get addicted. But as you may know, sugar is definitely not good for your child’s teeth.

In fact, according to research published in the journal BMC Public Health, sugars are the only cause of tooth decay in kids and adults.

But guess what? You can help protect and save your kid’s mouth. Of course you want to teach them good oral hygiene, but you also want to be mindful about what they eat.

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How to Protect Your Child from Cavities

Maybe your kids love candy a little bit too much, or they don’t take care of their teeth regularly, despite your best efforts. Cavities can be annoying, painful, and embarrassing for kids; not to mention how expensive they can be for you to fix. But there are things you, as parents, can do to protect your child from ever getting cavities in the first place.

Of course, you want to teach and encourage your child to brush and floss daily. However, even if your child takes care of his or her teeth and sees a dentist regularly, this won’t make them completely resistant to getting cavities.

You might think cavities are just something kids have to go through. After all, you had one or several cavities when you were younger. But this is not true. Children do not have to get cavities.

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How to Get Your Kids Excited About Their Dental Care

baby holding toothbrush
If you found this article, you’re probably researching different ways to get your child to enjoy the dentist office (or at least not put up a big fuss). Parents and caregivers don’t want their child to throw a tantrum every time a dental check-up is needed. That is also not a good way to start their foundation of a lifetime of healthy smiles.

In this article we will give you several ways to get your kids excited about their dental care. Regardless of whether they hate visiting the dentist or if you have a hard time getting them to brush their teeth, you can benefit from further reading.

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Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Children?

The X-ray has been vilified in the media, and while sensationalism is at an all-time high, there are legitimate concerns over the safety of some types of x-rays. When you hear mentions of “unsafe” or “extremely dangerous” x-rays, this is typically referring to older, outdated methods of using x-rays on patients.

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I’ve Heard about Space Maintainers? Are They Ok for My Child?

Things happen. Especially with children, things happen—scrapes, bruises, and of course, baby teeth falling out prematurely. Though the two former issues seem more immediate, baby teeth falling out are definitely an issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

The reason behind this is spacing. If the space between the remaining teeth goes on, untreated, then permanent teeth may come in at the wrong place or angle. Though this may seem like just a future cosmetic problem, incorrectly placed permanent teeth may cause poor periodontal health, pain, and discomfort.

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What to do if Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

Parents need to be prepared for anything, including dental emergencies. Knowing ahead of time what to do when your child has a knocked out tooth, an excruciating toothache, or any other dental problem will make it much easier to deal with the issue.

If an emergency is life-threatening, parents should call 9-1-1 and get to a hospital immediately. However, many situations can be taken care of at the child’s dentist’s office. Here are some common dental emergencies parents may face, as well as how to handle them.

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Dental Sealants: Maximum Protection for Your Child’s Teeth

Brushing, flossing, and regular dental appointments will certainly go a long way toward protecting your child’s teeth from decay, but these habits won’t make them completely resistant to cavities. Dental sealants, however, can provide the maximum protection for your child’s teeth. They are a preventative treatment that can save your child’s teeth from painful, expensive decay.

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How to Take Care of an Autistic Child’s Oral Health

Taking care of an autistic child (or a child with any type of developmental disability) presents unique challenges for dental care providers as well as parents. Children with autism can fall anywhere on the autism spectrum and therefore will have various needs.

As is true for any child, it is very important to make sure autistic children have access to quality dental care. Here are some ways to make sure he or she receives the very best oral health care possible.

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