Education is an important part of oral health.

When we teach kids how to take care of their teeth and we model positive behaviors by caring for our own, we all benefit from improved health. By keeping baby teeth strong and healthy, we prepare children’s mouths for the arrival of adult teeth. It’s important for kids and teens to care for adult teeth well, so their teeth will stay strong and healthy for a lifetime. As kids grow and become more independent, they will need to know proper flossing and brushing techniques to protect their teeth from decay.

To teach children about dental health, Smiles 4 Keeps has developed a community outreach program designed specifically for first grade students. This is an important time in children’s lives, because baby teeth are falling out as their new, permanent teeth erupt. It’s a critical time for kids to use the right techniques to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

If you are interested in our 20-minute presentation on dental health for first graders, please ask a representative from the school to contact Smiles 4 Keeps.