At our pediatric dentist office, we want to create healthy smiles for your children – for the long run.

That means preventive dental care is very important to reaching this goal.

Routine checkup appointments allow us to keep an eye on your child’s oral health. During these important appointments, we can provide several preventive dental treatments for healthy teeth and gums, including:

  • fluoride treatments
  • dental sealants
  • childhood caries risk assessment
  • teeth cleanings & polishing

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are beneficial for patients of all ages, but they are especially important for young children who are still in the process of losing baby teeth and getting permanent teeth. Fluoride will not only protect the existing teeth, but it can also help the new adult teeth come in more resilient to decay-causing plaque.

  • It’s best to get fluoride treatments as early as possible to achieve the most possible protection. These treatments give children a head start for a lifetime of excellent oral health. When your child comes in for his or her first appointment, we’ll determine when it would be best to begin fluoride treatments.
  • Fluoride treatments are fast and easy. We simply apply the treatment to your child’s teeth and allow the solution to set. Within a few minutes, your child’s teeth will be much better protected from cavities.
  • Your child may need follow-up fluoride treatments on a regular basis to keep his or her teeth protected from decay. If this is the case, we’ll discuss it with you and develop a treatment plan.

Fluoride treatments are just one of the many ways we promote excellent oral health for children in the Bartonsville, Scranton, and Wilkes-Barre areas.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants will act as an extra line of defense between your child’s teeth and decay. The dental sealants we use are tooth-colored so no one will notice them. The procedure is quick and painless, too. If sealants are right for your child, we can provide this preventive service right away!

Caries Risk Assessment

Dental caries is also referred to as tooth decay. It is a serious problem that can impact your child or teenager at any age. However, it is particularly concerning when it occurs in a child. Children’s teeth (baby teeth) hold very important roles: chewing, speaking, and saving room in the jaw for adult teeth.

At our office, one of our trained dentists will evaluate your child’s teeth and gum. We can determine your child’s risk of childhood caries and take the best precautionary steps to prevent it.

Teeth Cleanings & Polishing

Regular teeth cleanings are absolutely essential to keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Baby teeth play a very important role: in addition to helping your child chew and speak, they reserve space for his or her adult teeth.

A major part of taking good care of baby teeth is going in for teeth cleanings on a regular basis.

  • Your child should begin coming in for teeth cleanings and examinations on a regular basis by his or her first birthday (or earlier, if you notice signs of decay).
  • Brushing and flossing remove this plaque, but there will be spots you and your child simply cannot clean thoroughly at home (such as the very back of the mouth and near the gums). When plaque lingers, it becomes tartar, a hard substance that must be removed by a hygienist.
  • During your child’s appointment, we’ll remove decay-causing plaque and tartar to prevent cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. We’ll also teach your child the proper brushing and flossing techniques to keep his or her teeth healthy.

When good oral hygiene at home is combined with regular visits to the dentist for cleanings, excellent oral health is the result.