When to Schedule Your Baby’s First Dentist Appointment

It may seem unnecessary to take your child to a pediatric dentist when he or she has only a few teeth or none at all. However, seeing a dentist early on is of utmost importance to your child’s oral health.

Parents should schedule their babies’ first dentist appointments by the first birthday, or when the first teeth erupt.

Here’s why.

  • Babies’ teeth are susceptible to a condition called baby bottle mouth. Chances are, your baby’s diet consists mainly of milk. Milk contains sugars, which can cause decay if left to linger on the teeth and gums. It’s possible for babies and children to lose their primary teeth to decay, even at a very young age. Your child needs to see the dentist on a regular basis to make sure decay is not occurring.
  • Caring for a baby’s teeth and gums is different from taking care of adult teeth, yet it is equally important. Taking your baby to see the dentist can provide you with the chance to learn how best to take care of baby’s oral health.
  • As your baby’s primary teeth begin to come in, regular dental appointments will allow any problems to be detected early on. As with most health issues, finding dental problems in their early stages makes it much easier to successfully treat them.
  • In addition to improving and maintaining your child’s dental health, scheduling regular dentist appointments at an early age enables your child to become accustomed to them and to establish a good relationship with his or her dentist. This can lessen the chance of your child developing a fear of dental appointments and in turn make your job easier as a parent.

Just as you schedule your baby’s check-ups at the pediatrician, you should also schedule regular appointments with a pediatric dentist. Combined with good at-home care, these dental check-ups will have a major influence on your child’s oral health.