Age 0-3

These little ones are often afraid of new people and experiences and appreciate seeing one of their parents during the visit. To accomplish this, we recommend a lap exam and toothbrush cleaning.

What is a Lap Exam?

Pediatric Dentistry Lap Exam

A lap exam can be completed in one of two ways. One technique is to have your child sit in your lap facing you with one leg on each side. You will lay your child back onto a soft examination board with a member of the dental team on the other side. In this technique you can see your child’s teeth and they can see you while an exam, cleaning and instruction are performed. The Second technique is to have the parent sit in the dental chair and simply have your child sit in your lap for the exam and cleaning. Children at this age may be anxious about their visit and often require you to help encourage them and at times help them be still.

What is a Toothbrush Cleaning?

A toothbrush cleaning is when your child’s teeth are cleaned by using a traditional toothbrush. Little one’s experience teething, have tender gums, and a limited attention span. By using a traditional toothbrush, we can massage areas of teething and reduce soft tissue irritation that can be caused by a mechanical toothbrush while completing the cleaning within your child’s attention span.

Age 3-5

Children in this age group are often transitioning from shy and timid to active exploration of new experiences. Children can be at various stages of this transition. Those children displaying shy and timid behavior, or that exhibit anxiety may require their exam and cleaning to be completed as a lap exam and toothbrush cleaning. While those children excited for their appointment can experience their exam and mechanical toothbrush cleaning in the dental chair. Some children may benefit from a parent holding their hand(s). While more independent children can have their cleaning performed with their parent(s) in the waiting room or free their parent up so they may accompany a younger sibling.

What is a Mechanical Toothbrush?

Mechanical Toothbrush

The mechanical toothbrush is a motorized device with a spinning head designed to clean and polish your child’s teeth. It is often used with a special toothpaste and requires the patient to be still.

Age 5+

School aged children can be seen independently in a dental chair with the mechanical toothbrush. In some cases, patients with severe dental anxiety, special needs, complex medical histories, etc. may have their cleaning adapted to their specific needs.

Ready for Your Appointment?

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Set Your Child Up for Success

Talk to your child about their first visit, read them books and practice brushing!

We encourage you to talk about the dental visit in a positive manner to calm fears of the unknown. It is a good idea to role play with your child, so they know what to expect on their first visit. Here are some suggestions, reading a book like, Elmo goes to the Dentist, and check out this child friendly video:

Please bring your id, insurance card, and any other relevant information (custody paperwork, notarized letters, medical information etc.) to your appointment! The front desk can scan this information to your child’s chart.

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