How to Take Care of an Autistic Child’s Oral Health

Taking care of an autistic child (or a child with any type of developmental disability) presents unique challenges for dental care providers as well as parents. Children with autism can fall anywhere on the autism spectrum and therefore will have various needs.

As is true for any child, it is very important to make sure autistic children have access to quality dental care. Here are some ways to make sure he or she receives the very best oral health care possible.

Tips on Taking Care of Autistic Children’s Needs

  • Depending on the child’s individual abilities, he or she may need help with brushing and flossing. It is important not to overlook these basic but very necessary oral hygiene practices if you want to prevent cavities and other issues. Try creating regular oral care routines for your child, such as brushing at the same time every night.
  • Consider getting dental sealants to protect the child’s molars from decay. In fact, sealants are a good idea for most children.
  • Some children with autism are especially sensitive to stimuli such as sounds and tastes. Parents can inform dentists and staff ahead of time about any particular needs their children may have in order to help the appointment run smoothly.
  • Some autistic children will greatly benefit from the use of sedation during dental appointments, particularly if a lengthy procedure is needed. Sedation can help keep him or her calm throughout the procedure, which allows for a better experience for everyone involved.

Of course, one of the very best ways to take care of an autistic child’s oral health is to take him or her to a dentist who has extensive experience in helping children with disabilities. Smiles 4 Keeps is prepared to help any child get the care he or she needs.