How to Protect Your Child from Cavities

Maybe your kids love candy a little bit too much, or they don’t take care of their teeth regularly, despite your best efforts. Cavities can be annoying, painful, and embarrassing for kids; not to mention how expensive they can be for you to fix. But there are things you, as parents, can do to protect your child from ever getting cavities in the first place.

Of course, you want to teach and encourage your child to brush and floss daily. However, even if your child takes care of his or her teeth and sees a dentist regularly, this won’t make them completely resistant to getting cavities.

You might think cavities are just something kids have to go through. After all, you had one or several cavities when you were younger. But this is not true. Children do not have to get cavities.

Children are more likely than adults to get cavities

Due to the natural shape of their growing teeth, children are more likely to get cavities. When their adult molars first come in (around age 6), pits and grooves form on the teeth, and these areas are hard to reach with a toothbrush. Germs can grow a lot easier, and, therefore, tooth decay often begins.

Children also enjoy sweets and snacking, and they often don’t brush their teeth for the full recommended two minutes each time.

Dental sealants provide protection for your child’s teeth

Dental sealants provide the maximum protection for your child’s teeth. This preventive treatment is quick, pain-free, and proven to be effective.

How do sealants work? They are plastic resin coatings that are applied to molars. In only a few minutes, one of our qualified dentists will paint the sealant onto the tooth, and then harden the sealant using an ultraviolet light.

The sealants mold to the grooves of the tooth’s surface and create a barrier between plaque-causing bacteria and the tooth enamel, thereby, preventing cavities.

Children don’t always brush their teeth after eating or know how to thoroughly remove plaque. If plaque stays on the teeth, it can begin attacking the tooth enamel.

Getting dental sealants for your children’s teeth can prevent your child from losing teeth or having to undergo costly fillings or root canals.

Dental sealants usually last for several years but can last for up to 10 years, making them an excellent investment for parents.

Research has shown that if you can keep kids ages 6 to 12 from getting cavities, this makes a big difference in their oral health as they age.

Most dental insurances will cover dental sealants for kids, but even if parents have to pay out of pocket, this cost is not high.

Help your children have healthy smiles for the long run

Think dental sealants might be right for your child? Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable dentists at Smiles 4 Keeps the next time you bring your kids to our office, and we will help you decide if this is the right treatment for your child.

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